When it comes to providing luxury, the commercial airline Qatar Airways does a superb job at it. However, for customers who want an even more exclusive flying experience, Qatar Airways has a dedicated private jet charter service by the name of Qatar Executive.

Launched in 2009, Qatar Executive has established its stronghold on the Middle East business jet travel market. Their fleet is stacked with 19 of the latest and youngest small jets, with orders placed for another 28.

Company Overview

Qatar first announced its corporate jet subsidiary, Qatar Executive, in the 2009 Paris Air Show. The Doha-based jet charter and its aviation giant parent company operate under the tutelage of the GCEO Akbar Al Baker.

Al Baker was appointed as Qatar airways’ group CEO in 1997. He was instrumental in Qatar Airways’ growth from a regional airline, operating only four aircraft, to a global leader. He also looks over other divisions under Qatar Airways, including the Qatar Distribution Company, Qatar Airways Holidays, Qatar Aircraft Catering Company, Qatar Duty-Free Company, Doha International Airport, and Qatar Executive. Al Baker has been an affluent businessman for over 25 years and also holds a pilot’s license.

Some of the awards and accolades Akbar Al Baker has received over the years are:

  • Skytrax Airline of the Year: Qatar Airways (2011, 2012, 2015, and 2017)
  • CAPA Aviation Executive of the Year (2017)
  • France’s Legion of Honor (2015)

Aside from these, Al Baker is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of IATA, a member of the Executive Committee of AACO, and a non-executive Director of Heathrow Airport Holdings.

About Company Professionals

  • Ali Shareef Al Emadi                                             – Chairman
  • Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Khalifa Al Thani          – Vice Chairman
  • Jassim Saif Al Sulaiti                                             – Member Executive Board
  • Issa Mohamed Al Mohannadi                              – Member Executive Board
  • Sheikha Hanoof bint Thani Al Thani                     – Member Executive Board
  • Akbar Al Baker                                                      – Member Executive Board & Group CEO
  • Simon Talling-Smith        – Chief Commercial Officer
  • Rob Putter                – Group Chief Information Officer & Senior Vice President IT
  • Salam Shawa        – Senior Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Communications
  • Simon Newton-Smith        – Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy
  • Susan Ahmad        – Vice President, Human Resources

Complete Services

1.      On-demand charter

Qatar allows passengers to book an entire business jet, or even a private airliner, on-demand. For large groups such as sports teams, large families, business groups, or educational tours, Qatar Executive customers can access the humongous fleet of commercial airliners belonging to Qatar Airways. These airplanes don’t operate on their usual schedule when chartered; the customer decides when and where they want to fly. There are no commitments, memberships, or contracts. Customers pay as they go and only pay for the services they use.

Qatar business jets are a fleet of the cleanest, newest, and most technologically advanced aircraft available in the market. Qatar Executive customers can charter any of the following aircraft:

  • Gulfstream G500
  • Gulfstream G650ER
  • Bombardier Global 5000
  • Bombardier Global XRS
  • Bombardier Challenger 605

In addition, they have ordered more aircraft for their expanding operation. When it comes to buying the best aircraft in the market, Qatar Executive spares no expense.

2.      The Diamond Agreement

Qatar Executive has recently introduced the Diamond Agreement program: a flexible, simplified, and bespoke jet card system that lets customers buy flying hours in advance.

You can use these hours to fly on any of their aircraft. This includes the ultra-long-haul Bombardier Global 5000, Gulfstream G500, and Gulfstream G650ER jets. The hourly rates are fixed, and the customer can personalize the plan according to their needs.

While there is no subscription fee for the Diamond Agreement, passengers must purchase at least 50 flight hours to be eligible. Those 50-hours or more include not only the flight hours but also taxi time.

Qatar Executive guarantees availability on a 72-hour notice. Since the fares are fixed, there are no peak rates or extra surcharges to customers. The pricing includes de-icing services, onboard internet, and inflight catering.

3.      VIP Fixed Base Operation

Qatar Executive also offers VIP passenger assistance, transport, and hoteling. The VIP treatment is for travelers commuting in their own jets and expect the highest level of hospitality during their transit.

Qatar Executive provides a fast, efficient, secure, and comfortable gateway to their VIP customers. Additional services include:

  • Passenger and baggage handling
  • Taking care of customs and immigration
  • Free ramp parking for up to two hours
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and photocopy service
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Lodging arrangements
  • Limousine arrangement
  • Crew lounge and day rooms
  • Aircraft catering solution

In addition, Qatar Executive provides aircraft maintenance to other private jet companies. Armed with highly skilled and qualified engineering staff, Qatar Executive can provide the best level of aircraft maintenance up to the highest international safety standards.

If you’re a private jet owner, Qatar Executive also offers aircraft management solutions. Whether it is flight planning, crew planning, catering, line maintenance, or flight operations, Qatar Executive can solve all your problems and let you concentrate on more important matters. If, during your contract, your aircraft is in maintenance and is unavailable, Qatar Executive will provide you with another aircraft from their fleet.


Qatar Executive owns 19 state-of-the-art luxury business jets, with nine more aircraft ordered. The fleet mainly consists of Gulfstream aircraft, with Bombardiers making up the rest. The fleet is young, and the aircraft included are the latest of their kind. Qatar Executive is the world’s largest operator of the Gulfstream G650ER and the first operator of the Gulfstream G700.

Qatar Executive’s dedicated fleet consists of medium-sized private jets that can seat up to 13 passengers comfortably. Furthermore, the operator can accommodate larger groups by utilizing any of the 200 large airliners from Qatar Airways for private charters.

Qatar Executive catering is done by an exclusive wing of Qatar Aircraft Catering Company. Fine dining of any preference is no issue for the team of expert chefs and caterers.

In addition to operating and maintaining its own fleet, Qatar Executive’s engineering department also carries out on-demand aircraft maintenance to other private jet carriers in the area. Services aside from jet charter offered by Qatar Executive include maintenance, management, and Fixed-based Operation or business jets. In 2012, Canadian business jet manufacturer Bombardier anointed Qatar Executive as their Authorized Service Facility for the Middle East.

In July 2019, Qatar Executive’s Gulfstream G650ER entered the history books as it flew pole to pole in the lowest recorded time, circumnavigating the globe in just 46 hours and 39 and a half minutes. Besides a testament to this aircraft’s speed, the feat also showcased the jet’s ability to fly marathon distances.

Market Strength

Qatar received four new aircraft in 2020, despite the global pandemic wreaking havoc on the aviation industry. Although drastic cost-cutting measures were observed in the airline’s commercial division, the private jet operator’s revenue grew by 18% in 2020. Their flying hours also increased by 34%.

Earlier this year, Qatar Executive secured ISBAO and Wyvern Wingman safety ratings. These two standards are given to private jet operators who display the highest safety level in their overall operation. Qatar Executive was also awarded an ARGUS gold rating for excellence and safety in business jet operation.

Customers Trust, Feedback

When it comes to traveling, customers seek names they can trust, especially in the era we live in. Customers can rest easy knowing they’ll get the finest service from a reputable and financially competent company when flying with Qatar Executive.

Qatar Executive has secured the following accolades:

  • Outstanding Growth – 2015 – in the Gulf Aviation Networking Event
  • Best Business Aviation Operator of the Year – 2015 – By the Middle East industry publication Aviation Business
  • First Business Aviation Operator to get the EASA TCO safety certification – 2015
  • Luxury Private Jet Of The Year – 2020 – by The Luxury Network
  • World Circumnavigation Speed record – 2019 – Guinness world records and FAI

Offer, Promotion, Discounts

Qatar Executive customers use chartered airplanes to fly to anywhere in the world. However, for one-way flights, flying an empty aircraft back is wasteful. Qatar Executive offers seats on those return flights as empty-leg seats for a heavily discounted fare.

Although you wouldn’t be able to pick a time and place of your liking, you can score a massive discount on the airfare if a flight matches your schedule. You can find empty-leg seats on Qatar Executive’s website here.

Future Growth Planning

Qatar Executive had shown signs of strong growth even when the global pandemic was at its worst. You can expect great things from the subsidiary of one of the world’s biggest and most popular commercial airlines, and Qatar Executive seems to fulfill these expectations brilliantly.

With the introduction of the Diamond Agreement, Qatar plans on simplifying the aircraft charter model even further. Once the Gulfstream G700 aircraft are included in the fleet, Qatar Executive’s operation will expand even more. It seems the private jet operator will be getting extremely busy in the coming years.


With their fleet of the latest and fastest jet airplanes and their no-strings-attached jet chartering model, Qatar Executive has set high standards for its competitors. It will be long before any other private jet airline in the region comes close to competing with this aviation giant.

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